Lead & Light

July 28th, 2010

As you can probably tell, it takes a lot for us to get excited (if you haven’t noticed, this is the first post in over a year), but Lead & Light‘s latest release is something worth talking about. In an age of over-the-top neon splatter graphics, it is refreshing to see such a simplistic approach to t-shirt design.

Each tee is hand printed by Sam Kaufman, L&L’s creative visionary, on super-soft American Apparel blanks. It is because of this you may notice the ink a bit heavy here or a slight thinning there, but no piece is approved and sold that could be considered a misprint. Rather Lead & Light prides itself in giving unique prints for each product. Consistency is what Sam strives for and printing on a 4 color silkscreen press makes each print unique in a small subtle way.

Click on the images below to experience the subtleties for yourself:

Silversun Pickups – Swoon

March 6th, 2009

Just heard the new single by Silversun Pickups called Panic Switch off of their forthcomng album Swoon and it’s AMAZING! While not a drastic departure from their previous work, the new single does have a little more punch than their last hit, Lazy Eye. The band has just posted the new track on their MySpace page so go have a listen for yourself.

The new album will be released April 14th, 2009. Silversun Pickups are scheduled to play the 1st night of Coachella, Friday, April 17th, so be sure to check them out if you have a chance.

A friend just turned us onto this cool new UK clothing company, Disturbia Clothing. According to their site, Disturbia’s simple philosophy is ‘Disturb the Suburbs’. Their illustrative graphics combine dark humor and a punk ethos and “bastardise pop-culture imagery, to reflect our material world”.


All prices are in UK pounds but they are currently shipping to the US. Click on the pictures below check out their latest offerings..

Kyle over at Electric Zombie has been busy designing a fresh batch of horror movie inspired shirts for you to drool over. Our faves are the Cut Throat and Livewire designs.

Click on the pictures below to snatch them up for yourselves..


February 27th, 2009

We just discovered one of the most entrtaining sites on the web, Cubeecraft! Having already wasted half of the day printing and cutting out these cool little papercraft toys, we though we would share it with you. The site has a huge catalog of pop culture icons that you can make into an army of paper toys.

Have fun..but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Glamour Kills VS Aaron Kraten

February 22nd, 2009

Looks like our friends over at Glamour Kills just released two new tees that they did in collaboration with Aaron Kraten! These tees are limited edition so click on the pics below to grab them while you still can!

Just got back from a weekend in Norcal and managed to check out Craola’s sold-out show at Fifty24SF.  If you have a chance to stop by we highly recommend it.  We first discovered this talented artist when his images started popping up on some of our favorite Iron Fist styles, and made it a point to seek out more.  We suggest you do the same..

Obey Clothing

February 13th, 2009

Speaking of Obey, be sure to check out their new online shop. They’ve updated their site and now sell a ton of their coolest designs online. We’re especially feeling the collab with
Mike adds an entirely new look to the familiar Obey Giant style.

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